5 Must-Try Lunch in Punjab

5. Sarso Ka Saag 

It is made with the goodness of bathua, spinach and sarson and is a winter staple in every Punjabi household. 

4. Aloo Wadiyan 

Sun-dried urad dal wadis are cooked in a flavourful curry with boiled potatoes. It makes for a delicious lunch meal 

3. Chikar Chole 

Chikar is a Punjabi word that means soft and mushy chole or chickpeas. You absolutely must try this chickpea curry if you love chole 

2. Punjabi-Style Nutri Kulcha 

In this recipe, kulcha is first cooked in ghee and then smothered with a delightful Nutri gravy that adds extra flavour to this bread. 

1. Dal Makhani

Dal makhni finds its dedicated space on menus across eating joints and restaurants and beyond all cultural division 


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