5 Vegetables That Are Actually Fruits

February 09, 2024

By Char Dham Yatra

In the surprising world of botany, some of our favorite "veggies" are actually classified as fruits. 

Here is the list of 5 common fruits that often disguise as vegetables 

5. Cucumber 

With its refreshing taste and crunchy texture, cucumbers are technically fruits, as they develop from the flower and contain seeds. 

4. Eggplant 

Often used in savory dishes, eggplants are classified as fruits due to their seed-bearing structure, despite their vegetable-like appearance. 

3. Pumpkin  

This festive fall favorite is a fruit! It develops from a flower and contains seeds, just like other fruits. 

2. Bell Pepper 

Despite being commonly referred to as a vegetable, bell peppers are technically fruits, as they develop from the flower's ovary and contain seeds. 

1. Tomato 

Often mistaken for a vegetable, the tomato is actually a fruit! Its juicy flesh and seeds classify it as a fruit botanically. 

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