7 Must Try Local Food In Bengaluru

January 29, 2024

By Char Dham Yatra

Discovering the famous food in Bangalore is not just a culinary journey but an immersion into the heart of the city’s vibrant flavours. Here is a list of must try food in Bangalore 

1. Masala Dosa

No morning in Bengaluru can start without dosa. Be it plain, masala, rava, or set. Dosas in Bengaluru are small and thick unlike the dosas of other cities. 

2. Idli-Vada

There are idlis and there are Bengaluru idlis. Unlike the idli you get in Tamil Nadu, the idli in Bengaluru is grainy with texture. They are larger too. 

3. Chow-Chow Bath

A typical Bengaluru breakfast is never complete without a dose of chow-chow bath. A combination of khara bath 

4. BisiBele Huliyanna

A rice-based Karnataka special, bisibele Huliyana or BisiBele Bath is spicy, wholesome and very popular in Bengaluru. 

5. Gobi Manchurian-Fried rice

No lunch break in Bengaluru goes without someone ordering a plate of piping hot gobhi-Manchurian. 

6. Andhra Thali 

Bengaluru loves its Andhra meals like few other cities. Every corner has an Andhra canteen and every afternoon thousands of Bengaluru locals partake in this spicy, flavourful, hearty unlimited meal. 

7. Ragi Mudde

The humble meal eaten by the common man, ragi mudde, is made with ragi or nachni flour, cooked, shaped into balls and then steamed again. 

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