7 Must-Try Street Foods Around Madhya Pradesh

February 29, 2024

By Char Dham Yatra


Here is a list of 7 must-try street foods in Madhya Pradesh

7. Dal bafla

Dal bafla is a tasty Indian street food that can be made easily and quickly. Firstly, the bafla should be prepared and should be boiled first then baked for a soft texture and taste. 

6. Sabudana khichdi

Enjoy this vegan-friendly Indian dish popular along the streets. Sabudana khichdi is an amazing dish usually prepared by soaking sabudana (tapioca). 

5. Garadu

Garadu is a preferred dish among the locals in India. The preparation of this popular street food is quite simple. 

4. Johny Hot Dog

Johny Hot Dog is actually the name of the place serving up some of the most popular vegetarian hot dogs in India. 

3. Khopra pattie

Have a taste of khopra patties, a common street food among locals in India. Some of the ingredients needed to make this delicious snack include corn flour, bread crumbs, dough, black pepper, salt, boiled potatoes, chili paste, lemon juice, and cooking oil. 

2. Bhutte ka kees

Bhutte ka kees is a delicious and popular snack from Indore. The dish can be easily prepared during a tea break since it is the ideal beverage to pair with the snack. For the best final result, you will need ingredients such as masala, chilies, ginger, and corn.  

1. Dahi vada

Daha vada is a well-known street food across India. The food is made by dipping fried lentil balls into yogurt then covered on top with chutneys. 

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