8 Must-Try Punjabi Breakfast Delights

March 08, 2024

By Char Dham Yatra

8. Aloo Paratha 

This flat wheat-bread stuffed with an eclectic potato filling is an instant mood-lifter. 

7. Choley Bhature 

Not just Punjab, choley bhature is a hit breakfast option across North of India. 

6. Amritsari Kulch 

The crisp stuffed bread oozing with butter is an Amritsari speciality that is a must-try for all foodies who are just exploring Punjabi cuisine. 

5. Missi Roti and Subzi 

Missi roti is a special kind of roti made with whole wheat flour, gram flour and a mix of spices such as ajwain, hing, chopped onions and chilly powder. 

4. Aloo Puri 

Aloo puri is a deep-fried flatbread stuffed with a spiced potato filling. It is a crispy and flavorful breakfast option. 

3. Sarson Da Saag 

Sarson da saag is a dish made from mustard greens, while makki di roti is a flatbread made from corn flour.  

2. Bread Pakora with chutney 

Stuffed with a stuffing of spicy aloo, this besan-coated deep-fried bread is served best with green chutney. 

1. Puri Chole 

Chole can go well with literally anything. Be it kulcha, parantha, bhature, or roti 

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