7 Must-Try Foods in Himachal Pradesh

March 14, 2024

By Char Dham Yatra

Here are some of the best dishes you must taste while visiting Himachal Pradesh

7. Madra

One of the well-known delicacies of Chamba region in the state, Madra is mostly prepared during the festivals and weddings. 

6. Siddus

A famous dish of Himachal Pradesh; Siddus are prepared using wheat flour that has risen by treating it to Yeast. 

5. Aktori

Aktori is kind of cake prepared using buckwheat leaves mixed with the wheat flour. 

4. Dham

Dham consists of Red Kidney Beans (Rajma), Green Lentils (Moong Daal), Rice in Curd, Mash Daal, Boor ki Kari and a Sauce prepared from Tamarind and Jaggery. 

3. Babru

The dish is prepared by stuffing dough Patties with ground Black Gram Daal paste and then deep frying them in oil. 

2. Aloo Palda

Aloo Palda is a dish prepared with Potatoes in Yoghurt seasoned with assorted Spices. 

1. Tudkiya Bhath

It is a kind of a Pulao;made by cooking rice with vegetables, Lentils and spicing it up using Cardamom, Bay Leaves and Cinnamon. 

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