7 Must-Try Foods in Uttarakhand

March 14, 2024

By Char Dham Yatra

Here are some of the best dishes you must taste while visiting Uttarakhand 

7. Gahat Soup 

One of the must-eat delicacies in Uttarakhand is gahat soup. This dish, which is made from horsegram lentils, has therapeutic qualities. 

6. Arsa 

Arsa is a well-liked dish in Uttarakhand and is typically served during weddings and other customary occasions. It is a sweet Pahari specialty and one of Uttarakhand’s most beloved desserts. 

5. Chainsoo 

Made from lentils, Chainsoo is a famous traditional Garhwali recipe in Uttarakhand. The main ingredients of this dish are black gram daal, Coriander, Garlic, turmeric powder, garam masala, and cumin seeds. 

4. Kafuli 

In Uttarakhand, Kafuli, a traditional Garhwali cuisine, is a must-try. It is made of spinach and fenugreek leaves. Steamed rice is offered with it. 

3. Bhang ki Chutney 

Bhang Ki Chutney, a very well-known recipe in Uttarakhand, is created from hemp seeds, which give it its distinctive aroma. 

2. Phanu 

A well-known Garhwali dish in Uttarakhand is phanu. Lentils like chainsoo, gahat, arhar, or green Mung are used to make this dish. 

1. Gulgula 

Gulgula is a traditional jaggery-based Garhwali sweet that is a must-have in Uttarakhand. Since it is produced from common materials, it is offered throughout the state. 

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