7 Pickle Ideas from the cuisine of North India

January 29, 2024

By Char Dham Yatra

We all have grown up eating delicious, crunchy and tangy pickles. Now you can make your own with our list of 7 best pickle recipes. 

1. Gajar Ka Aachar

This pickle is the perfect accompaniment with your winter meals. Use season fresh red carrots to make the most of the nutrients. Sweet and tangy in one bite! 

2. Green Chilli Pickle

Chilli aachar with mustard oil will add spicy flavour to your meal. They go best with parathas or accompany any sabzi the best. 

3. Adrak ka Achaar

To add some heat to regular meals, ginger pickles work the best. Make sure you grate them really fine. Very popular achaar during the festival of Navratras. 

4. Amle Ka Aachar

The Indian gooseberry (amla) is used to make a sweet and sour pickle. Gooseberries are a great source of vitamin C. They work well for hair, skin and weight loss. 

5. Nimbu Ka Sada Achaar

Sour pickle with spices is an all-time favourite. Slice in some ginger to it for more flavour. This is one of the most common pickle found in Indian household. 


6. Aam Ka Achaar

This Punjabi-style pickle will give a kick to your meals, it is the perfect accompaniment to a full fledged North Indian meal. Made with raw mango and an assortment of spices, the flavour of mustard oil lends it character. 

7. Potli Ka Achaar

Potli ka achaar or raw mango pickle is mostly common in Sindhi households. Raw mango mixed with onion seeds (kalongi), garlic and mustard oil is must try for this summer. 

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